Open Letter to All Volunteers, San Diego County CISM Team~

Over the past year, the San Diego County CISM Team (SDCCISMT) has gone through many changes, including a new vision, new partnerships, stronger ties with the International Critical Stress Foundation (ICISF) and providing local and ICISF Conference based Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) training to the San Diego Community. As these changes occurred, it became apparent the current SDCCISMT Bylaws needed revision to reflect the evolution of purpose and focus.

For that reason, on October 27, 2015, the SDCCISMT Board of Directors (BoD) voted, effective immediately, to dissolve all SDCCISMT memberships, other than the five sitting BoD members, pending restructuring and ratification of amended Bylaws. Upon ratification, interested individuals may begin the application process to become Volunteers. This action is applicable to any current or claimed volunteers of the SDCCISMT, participating or not (excluding the current BoD). Once ratified, we will notify you by social media that those interested in volunteering with the SDCCISMT may apply and how to begin the application process.

As we move forward with new vision, bylaws, and volunteers, we will have an accountable, focused and stronger organization with which to serve our Community. Our goal will be, as always, to provide quality CISM services and training, and purposeful networking among crisis response caregivers.

While we are in process, please feel free to stay in touch with us via our Website (http://Sandiegocismteam.org).

Thanks you so much for your patience and continued interest in San Diego County CISM Team.

To access original Letter of Dissolution, Please click link below.

Membership Letter- October 2015