BOD Meeting Minutes 8/2015

San Diego County CISM Team

Board of Directors Minutes

August 19, 2015 4:30pm.

Tierrasanta Branch Library

Call to Order: 4:28pm.
Closed Session- Discussed security protocols for ICISF Conference in December OLD BUSINESS~

Approval of Minutes from July 21, 2015 meeting

MOTION: Briggs

SECOND: Collins



Treasure’s Report: Bank Check #114 to SOS for $20 VOIDED CHECK. $1,200 still in ac-

count per BOD discussion. Duchow $6,558.64 & &2,730.00= $9,288.64

1) IRS Tax Status Update (Fickas) Taxes are completed (Wilkinson & Hadley). Fickas will sign and send to IRS.

2) California Secretary Statement of Information Update: Duchow said check has been re- turned because it is not needed since articles are already there. Waiting for letter back

3) SDCISMT Bank Account- Relationship Manager is working on Account at CHASE. Needs one signature. Fiskas will sign and then full BOD will go in later to sign further documents


SECOND: Aye___ No____

4) Revision of SDCISM Team Bylaws Update (Dan): Has collected other teams bylaws but cannot find SDCISMT Bylaws. He will continue to look for them and then report back at next BOD Meeting

5) Len Sonnenberg Update: (Briggs) No further progress
6) Law Enforcement Action Update: Fickas & Briggs set date to get together (sub-committee)

on how to proceed. Wednesday, 26 August, 2015 @Cosmos 9:30am.

7) IRS Tax Status Update (Fickas) Website still reading that we are approve. Still no answer via-telephone.

8) San Diego County Fire Authority MOU Update (Dan): Two meetings but they were both cancelled due to fires in California. Agenda Item for November or December.

9) Community Outreach Activity: No active on classes. Publishing all CISM classes are pub- lished on website & social media.

Communications: none Action Item:

Prospective Board Member Debi Arnold:

MOTION: Collins
SECOND: Duchow


Good of the Order: December Conference dates December 2-6 (Classes), 2015
Date of Next Meeting: Wednesday, 23 September, 2015 4:30pm. Tierrasanta Library

Adjournment: 6:30pm Motion: Collins

SECOND: Duchow