BOD Meeting Minutes 11/2014

SD County CISM Meeting Minutes

13, November 2014

Meeting called to order at 5:45pm.
Members Present: Lance Fickas, Lisa Duchow, Dan Collins, Joe Davis, Greg Childs and Lori Briggs.
Guest Present: Leonard C. Sonnenberg, CPA

Financial Audit: It was pointed out that the application for the 501c3 listed Greg Childs as a board member, director or trustee. Lance requested an amended application be filed with the IRS. Mr. Sonnenberg reviewed our financial audit. A review of the 5 years ending 12-31-2007 and an actual audit of 6 years ending 12-31-2014. The question was brought up as to whether there has been held the required annual meeting. The question of “conflict of interest” statements having been signed by the board members. The question of whether or not the Board has an insurance policy to protect the members. Forms (Federal 990 EZ and State Form 199) are now due annually by May 15th. Future fees estimated by Mr. Sonnenberg for annual audit would be $1,000.00 and $500.00 filing fee. Lisa Duchow (Treasurer) will contact Mr. Sonnenberg in January of 2015 to ensure this process is maintained in a timely manner. Les Sonnenberg used Quick Books for SDCISMT accounting, and Greg has a copy of our documentation on a thumb drive. The minutes and agendas are also copied onto said thumb drive. It was brought up that we need to purchase our own licensed copy of Quick Books as opposed to using a pirated copy of the Quick Books software given to us by Len Sonnenberg. Greg asked the board to consider continue using pen and pencil, transferring it to Quicken (which he is familiar with) and then have the CPA transfer the documentation in January.
Payment for Mr. Sonnenberg: Motion to authorize to pay Sonnenberg and Co. for the audit by Lance, second by Dan only after the 1023EZ for was corrected and resubmitted. Vote passed unanimously.
Treasurer Report (Lisa): Beginning balance $11,914.41 and ending balance $11,064.41. Payments were made to Kelly Greenville for transcribing SDCISMT bylaws into electronic format. Retainer fee also paid to Lori Briggs. Greg Childs for reimbursement for Form 1023-EZ user fee.
Greg offered to rejoin the Board until January 2015 to correct the discrepancy in the 501c3 application. No discussion was held. Greg offered the board an older version of Quick Books that was given to him by Mr. Sonnenberg for our use. Due to the illegality of using software owned by someone else, SDCISM declined. It was decided that if the Board decided to use Quick Books, we would purchase our own copy.
Greg requested a $1,000.00 reimbursement for a teaching performed in 2007. Discussion was held, minutes were requested from July 2007 thru January 2008 to show the honorarium is owed. Lance requested documentation to support Greg’s claim. No documentation was supplied by Greg.
#4 and #5 on agenda tabled.
December ICISF Conference Updates: Discussion was held as to the number of scholarships, and who would receive them.
Team Dinner Accommodations: It was recommended in favor of choosing a new restaurant. Not La Jolla or the Hotel Del Coronado. Tiramisu was discussed at length. It was agreed that Lance would inspect the restaurant.
Bids and approval for team brochures on hold.
Team bylaws: transcription was discussed, and 2 small items will be changed.
Good of the Order: Turn the Team’s focus toward a Training Team. Our main objective would be to put classes on for other local Teams. Larry Briggs recommended Steve Ballinger as an ICISF certified instructor. S-130 and S-190 classes are required prior to entering a fire area. Dan will look into contractor/vendor training. Lisa will be sending an email concerning duties and assignments for upcoming
Meeting was adjourned by Lance Fickas at 7:17pm.