San Diego County CISM Team

Who We Are


Welcome to the home of the San Diego County Critical Incident Stress  Management (CISM) Team. We are a 501 c3 nonprofit  volunteer organization.  Our goal is to bring together those in the  Critical Incident Stress Management field and create a network where  strong working relationships can form.

  1. We are a sister  organization to International Critical Incident Stress Foundation  (ICISF) and work to educate CISM providers with the most cutting edge  training needed to care for those affected by tragic incidents.  
  2. We support other CISM, Peer Support and Trauma Intervention  teams via networking, information sharing and social awareness to help create a strong Critical Incident teams within the county. 
  3. We are focused on developing a volunteer teammates that can support our goals of training, outreach and Critical incident support to those organizations and individuals not covered by our sister CISM organizations.

What is CISM?

 Critical Incidents (CIs) are highly stressful situations.  Simply put, a critical incident is a traumatic event (or perceived  life-threatening event) that has sufficient power to overwhelm an  individual’s ability to cope. Normal physical and psychological  responses occur which place considerable pressure upon that person.